Mike has been my personal trainer for almost two years. We started with a body fat test to help me determine my goals. As a result, I've developed better balance, stronger upper body and core. He also tailored my workouts around my degenerative back condition, while making each work out challenging, creative, and fun! Mike's meal plans helped me set the foundation for healthier cooking. My overall experience enabled me to establish a healthier long term lifestyle. -Margo

My name is Krista, and I am the mother of four little girls. After the birth of my twins I realized that I had to needed to make a healthier lifestyle change if I was going to keep up with four little ones. Mike had been my trainer before during and after most of my pregnancies. In October of 2015 I made a healthy lifestyle change, and Mike worked with me to incorporate a daily exercise regiment that fit my needs. If it had not been for his support, and motivation I would not have lost the 54 pounds, and kept it off. Thank you Mike for helping me along this healthy lifestyle change.

Mike has been my personal trainer since April 2016. He has helped motivate me and push me into reaching my goals of getting my body back in shape. In the short amount of time he has trained me I have surpassed my goals. I could not have done it without his constant support.  

Before Mike I felt like I needed a change I needed something . He pushed me and made me realize I was worth it and could accomplish anything. Having loads of medical issues I was kept from doing some things. In October I found Keto/Os Max and it opened my eyes to a whole new world helping me obtain fat loss and gain even more muscle tone . I was able to sleep and have the most amazing energy and realize It was nothing I was doing wrong and I was always eating right my glucose was now stable and I am right on track . I am now feeling better than ever and without Mike and Keto/Os my life would never look this way ! I lost a total of 72 pounds and am a size two..Mike is the best and I suggest y'all get a trainer like mike he's very hard to find so if you want his information then let me know ;) It al started with a evening class and now it's a few days a week !! Y'all if I can do this you can ...



In May 2017 I decided to take control of my health and body. For the first time in my life I was overweight, after having 2 babies after the age of 35. It was hard for me to go for my yearly doctor visit and for the first time in my life be told I was overweight. I brushed it off on the surface but it was really bothering me inside. I looked in the mirror and was disgusted at what I saw. In May I was invited to join a group of ladies for classes with a personal trainer. I was actually excited to do it. Ill not lie the first night I thought I would die and almost threw up, but I stuck with it. In addition to the group I set up one on one sessions with Mike. I have seen so much improvement in my health and body. I have gone from 178lbs to 136lbs. When I started this journey I was wearing a very tight size 14 now I fit in a size 6. I actually have muscles, even when I was smaller I did not have the muscle tone and strength that I have now. Mike has pushed me harder than I would have ever pushed myself and for that I am grateful. He has helped me set up healthy eating plans that are easy to follow. I would encourage anyone who is looking to better their health to talk to Mike. 


I started with training Mike in February 2018.  At first I was only training 2 days a week but then was able to bump it up to include another 2 nights at bootcamp.  By eating right and sticking to my training I dropped 40 lbs.  I now look forward to gym and pushing myself to the next level.  Mike has been encouraging and supportive!